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2D Platformer, Side Scroller, Action, Combat, Singleplayer


Nintendo Switch™
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13 October 2022

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A Futuristic Knight’s Tale
Fallen Knight is a futuristic knight’s tale that lets players take on the role of a knight of the round table. Play as Lancelot or Galahad the 50th, descendants of the legendary knights from King Arthur’s tales, and face off against unique enemy heroes; each with a dark past of their own. Expect a Dark Souls-esque challenging experience coupled with a fast-paced sword action gameplay that will punish players for every little mistake, and reward generously with every victory.

Nostalgia-fueled platforming
Enjoy nostalgia-fueled gameplay that players have come to know and love, but with unique combat systems such as Lancelot’s “parry and disarm,” or Galahad’s “assassinate”. When playing as Lancelot, the honorable knight, killing should be a last resort. Disarm your enemies and parry their attacks as you clear level after level. As Galahad, the elite assassin, assassinate your enemies swiftly and ruthlessly.

Intense boss battles
Take on the formidable bosses of The Purge who stand in your way from protecting Neo Utopia and the information you're sworn to protect. Each boss presents its own challenge and trials to overcome. Can you take on the challenge and live up to your reputation as a knight of the round table?

Main Story (Lancelot's Path)
As Lancelot, the honorable knight, players choose the way they play the game. There are multiple endings which are determined by the actions each player takes. Players may choose to kill their enemies or skillfully parry and disarm them, exhibiting the mercy and honor of a knight of the round table. How you play leads you to discover different endings in the game and story.

Galahad’s Path
Play as Galahad, an assassin from the knights of the round table. Players will take an alternative route through the story and help Galahad save Neo Utopia from a group of underground terrorists called The Purge. ‘Galahad’s Path’ brings rogue-like gameplay to Fallen Knight, where players only have one life — if players fail, they will have to restart from the first stage, so be careful!

Boss Rush Mode
In this mode, Lancelot will challenge all the bosses in back-to-back battles. Lancelot carries over any upgrades or skills that have been unlocked from the main story in Normal or Casual Mode.

Fallen Knight: Rebellion Of The Fallen
Are you ready? Fallen Knight’s second DLC, Rebellion of the Fallen, is here! After successfully saving Neo-utopia from the attack of the Purge, Lancelot once again enters battle as he must fight to protect what he believes in. In this DLC, play in a rushdown-like style as Lancelot must face off against new bosses as fast as he can to save his friend as time is running out!

Fallen Knight: Rise Of The Fallen
Lancelot returns in our third DLC! Take on the role of Lancelot, the Knight of Round, after being rescued by his friend Galahad. Imprisoned for five years, Lancelot is tasked with a mission to defeat the world's greatest threat - Cathedral. Take back the Holy Power from hostile enemies, save humanity, and get revenge for your friend. The 'true ending' of the Fallen Knight series will end in this chapter.

Switch Features: Handheld mode, tabletop mode, and TV mode support


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9 May 2024
  • Fixed general bugs and improved gameplay
  • Adding in data for DLC 2, Fallen Knight: Rebellion of the Fallen and DLC 3, Fallen Knight: Rise of the Fallen
  • Support for additional languages