DigiPen Game Studios

DigiPen Game Studios

a new venture in video game
development and publishing

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We work with the best independent and
third-party game developers in Southeast Asia to

bring game ideas to life.

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The Call for Proposals 2017 is now open.

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If you have any queries, please contact us at info.dgs@digipengamestudios.com.

DigiPen Game Conference 2017

The DigiPen Game Conference 2017 has ended.



DGS is a division of DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore and was established with the support of the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore(IMDA). We partner with game industry giants such as Nintendo and Ubisoft Singapore to create new business and marketing opportunities for emerging studios and developers.


With the help of our in-house Research & Development team, DGS provides engineering solutions for the needs and challenges of game software development. We offer multi-platform support in a variety of areas, such as graphics technology, console certification, and more.


DGS is backed by a team of experienced professionals and educators who bring decades of practice and knowledge in the professional game and technology industries. We are dedicated to empowering independent developers through direct mentorship, training, and creative guidance.



Selected games published through DGS for all Nintendo Platforms will be distributed via Nintendo eShop.


Selected games published through DGS on the PC platform will be distributed via Ubisoft’s Uplay Shop.