DigiPen Game Conference Kicks Off “Call for Proposals”

DigiPen Game Studios organized the inaugural DigiPen Game Conference on October 8, Thursday.

After the conference was officially opened by Chief Operating Officer Jason Chu–International and Chief Technology Officer–International Samir Abou Samra, conference guests enjoyed a series of talks and seminars by Nintendo and ‎DigiPen.

The Nintendo team gave talks ranging from technical to digital content marketing.

AJ Danielek, Technical Designer of DigiPen Research and Development, who flew from Seattle delivered a talk on the features and capabilities of Zero Engine, the in-house proprietary game engine and editor developed by DigiPen Research & Development.

In total, some 120 guests representing about 25 organizations attended the conference, including 17 overseas guests in the game publishing industry.

There were also demo stations and rooms at the conference for guests to feel the user experience and performance of both Zero Engine and Unity Engine.

The official “Call for Proposals” was sounded by Chris Comair, Director of Business Operations at DigiPen (USA) Corporation and Joachim Ng, Director of Industry Operations Division at Media Development Authority of Singapore, marking the conclusion to a full day of networking and knowledge-sharing.

We look forward to submissions by the game community.



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