Submission Process

The Call for Proposals 2017 is now closed. Thank you for your interest, and look out for our next round of Call for Proposals.

Please contact us at if you wish to discuss any other collaboration opportunities.


See below for detailed requirements for the Pitch Document; once complete, submit your Pitch Document together with the completed Disclosure Agreement via email to Ms. Jessica Chung (


Representatives will review your Pitch Document and, if deem complete, schedule a time for your Pitch Presentation. During this time, begin preparing your presentation and game demo. See Pitch Presentation and Gameplay Demo for additional details.


Give a presentation and demo your game for representatives from DigiPen Game Studios (DGS) and DGS partners.


Your Pitch Document should showcase your concept, team, and plans and should be approximately 10-20 pages with appendices.


  • Platform:
    Please state which platform you are developing the game for. If developing for Nintendo Platforms, please specify which Nintendo platform.
  • Game Concept:
    What is the concept of your game? What makes your game fun? What are your innovations?
  • Market Potential Assessment:
    Provide an assessment of the market potential of your game. Who will play your game and why will they pay for it?
  • (For PC submissions) Distribution channels:
    Provide a list of distribution channels you intent to publish your game on.
  • Team Quality & Track Record:
    Give a summary/overview of your company. Provide vital information about your company including date of establishment, SSIC code, shareholder composition and paid up capital. Describe the quality and track record of the team as a whole. Has this team worked together in the past, and if so, what was the success? This should include works that the team has done as a group, not past works of individuals. List any obligations the team may have to other projects and how those affect the development of the project described in this proposal.
  • Individual Members’ Qualifications & Track Records:
    Provide a list of current team members and their roles, and include a description of their individual qualifications and track records. List any obligations team members may have to other projects and explain how those may affect the development of the project described in this proposal. Include job descriptions and a training plan for at least two new hires for the project.
  • Development Plan, Timeline, & Risks:
    Describe the feasibility of developing your project. What are your manpower requirements? How long will the development take? What are your risks and unknowns? This should be a descriptive summary; a full production plan must also be included (as Appendix A).
  • Alternate Funding:
    What are your alternate sources of funding? If your alternate funding is not already acquired, how do you plan to acquire it? Note: a full project budget must also be included (as Appendix B).


  • Appendix A: Production Plan
    Propose a production plan for the proposed title.
  • Appendix B: Game Budget
    Include a complete budget demonstrating how the project will be financed. Potential earning or investments can be included as part of the planning. Explain the resources that your company will be investing for the project (e.g., personnel, hardware, equipment, etc.).
  • Appendix C: Marketing Plan
    Provide a comprehensive marketing plan identifying the target audience for your game and describing the methods you envision using to reach that audience. Include a description of any support that you would like to have through DigiPen Game Studios towards meeting your marketing goals.
  • Appendix D: Revenue Model
    Describe the intended revenue model for your game (e.g., subscription-based, freemium, or standalone purchase, etc). Share your estimated expected sales and projected revenue for the title.


After your Pitch Document has been accepted, you will be contacted by DigiPen Game Studios to arrange for a Pitch Presentation.

Prepare a presentation covering the topics in your Pitch Document, as well as a gameplay demo and video. All public-facing members (e.g., spokespersons) of the team should participate in the pitch presentation. The presentation and game demonstration will be evaluated by key personnel from DigiPen Game Studios and DGS partners, and should last approximately thirty minutes.


Your gameplay demo should demonstrate the core mechanics of your game, and showcase what specifically makes your game fun. For this demo, focus on the development of your core mechanics rather than the development of volume and assets.

A gameplay video together with the demo game must be submitted during the Pitch Presentation.

Contact Information

For more information and to submit your pitch document, please contact: